Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother's Day Ideas

No, not for your mother or grandmother, for YOU!  What would you like to receive for Mother's Day?  I've come across several things from Etsy (hint, hint, Tim) that I'd love to have as an expression of motherhood.  

Goosegrease   I just love how you can custom order a family that looks like yours. These could grace your mantle or book shelf.
Sjengraving is another seller I've been admiring. Don't you just love the idea of the engraved rocks in a nest? I can see this sitting on a tall platter or under a bell jar.
Dolamakes has been a favorite for a LONG time. I love this silhouette plate.  Does anyone remember making these in grade school? I have a question into her now and just waiting for a response. I can see these hanging 2 on each side of my dining room window.

Please share with me your ideas for Mother's Day. Maybe I may want it at a later day or for another occasion. 

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