Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honey-Do List

Buried deep in the fine print of every wedding vow is a clause that legally enables the creation of what is commonly known as the “Honey-Do” list. For those not familiar with it (read: all unmarried men), the “Honey-Do” list is a compilation of tasks, chores, repairs, and improvements that wives would like their husbands to accomplish.

Continuing our quest to remodel and decorate our home I have made a "Honey-Do" list for Tim. He has the NFL Draft at 1pm and then a hockey game with a client at 5pm. Too bad the Sharks couldn't lose ALL 5 games instead of 4, then he'd be home tonight. Do I sound bitter? Yes, I am. Tim's been working hard on a deal for 6 straight months. Long hours, late nights, calls to China in the evenings, not focused on conversations, and very stressed. Crossing our fingers come Monday that all the papers will be signed AND delivered. Morgan has been asking about this deal for weeks. See Tim promised to take a week vacation WITHOUT his cell phone if the deal came through.

Back to our "Honey-Do" List. Do you make one for your husband? I can't live without my lists. My kids know me for writing lists on everything. Back of envelopes, scraps of paper in the car, schoolwork (already graded, of course), backs of magazines, and my notebooks for lists (yes, you read that correctly...more than one notebook).

Today's agenda includes building a sofa table. I don't want people using the windowsill for a place for their drinks and typical sofa tables are too wide for our very small living room. Also, we are repainting an old toybox and making a cushion for the top for storing our shoes and putting them on. Cross your fingers we get it all done AND looks good.

Off to read Five Little Monkeys to one of my other men in my life. So, what's  on your "Honey-Do" List?

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  1. I could write a honey do list to my heart's desire, but that's not going to make him do anything he wasn't already planning to do. Haha!