Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Woke up to my daughter upset that none of her "green", Save the Earth, Hug a Tree, etc. shirts were clean.  Instead we opted for just a green-colored tee. After last year with Ms. R., Morgan is very much for the movement of going green and recycling. We already were recycling, because of curbside services. However, after Rodger was born we had a tankless hot water heater installed and solar panels on our roof. What a difference this has made!!! We are always looking into new ideas, esp. when your 10 year tells you that the universe is going to collapse if we don't get on board. We may not be 100% green, but we try. We do what we can do. I'm not going to go out of my way to do something if I don't have the time. Call me selfish, but I need to see a (immediate) benefit for me to do something. The two large projects? Well, they save us money and time. How can time be saved, you ask? We don't have to wait 20 minutes after someone takes a shower for us to get hot water. I can run the dishwasher, washing machine AND take a shower all at once!! 

Re-purposing items not only saves the world, saves us MONEY!  Also, I LOVE Freecycle! Have you tried it? You must do it! I find things we can't use, instead of wasting gas running to 5 charities to see if they will take it, I post the item and someone comes to ME and picks it up. Can it get any better? I just place it on the porch and it's gone.  I really enjoy it, when it is a family that really needs the baby clothes or baby items I have. I usually will email if I find something later on just to see if they need it.

So, onto Earth you have any plans to do something "special"?  The girls and I have a project. Tim laughs when he hears that, because that will mean a mess, a big one at that. I'll be screaming, Morgan will be rolling her eyes, and Bridget will eventually cry over something. We have been collecting paper and shredding it. Instead of recycling it, we are saving it to make garland.  I saw this great idea where you save a bunch of paper, soak it overnight, and make small balls that you paint after they dry.  Then you poke holes in them to string. I think it's a great project for the girls that are always asking for something fun to do, we're recycling paper (junk mail, school papers, etc.), and we're decorating the house!  Once we are done the project, I'll be give you the step-by-step process if interested along with photos.

I'm still trying to tweak things with the blog; picking a template, wondering why some links are not showing, etc.  Frustrating when I only have a few moments to do anything, but I'll get there. Hopefully, you can bear with me.


  1. Look at those beautiful babies! How old are they now? I have missed keeping up with you guys, so keep on blogging! See you on FB, too!

  2. Oh goodness loving the Earth Day post :) - Abby's first grade class is recycling juice bags right now, it's exciting to see her passion for a cause! :)
    And WOW to how grown-up the kids look Pam - they're beautiful....but getting SO big. :( HUGS!