Monday, June 29, 2009

Thrifty Monday

Make sure to stop by and visit Rhoda & her friends at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Monday. What were your finds this weekend, whether thrift stores or garage sales?

Here are the things I came across while visiting garage sales on Saturday with the kids. Yes, all 4. Hubby was at a golf tournament. Boy, was it a HOT day. The sweat is still pouring off me. Or as my Gran-mom would say...perspiration.

Ignore the lighting. It was too hot to go outside and photograph. For $40 (spent more this week than last week's $5) I got:
  • A rug for in front of the kitchen sink
  • Teacup & saucer (to hold birdseed in one of the potted plants outside)
  • 2 brand new books for the children
  • 2 sets of Scented Markers (not photographed...scooped away the moment we got home). One set had 30 Crayola markers, while the other set was 8 Harry Potter ones by Elmer.  Strange scents in that pack...Dirt, Sardines, Quidditch (sp?) Field Grass...
  • 2 Gumball on a stand, one tabletop
  • Pottery Barn telephone (have always wanted one, but couldn't see myself spending $60-$80)
  • Flag Box (my most excited find!!! These go for $58 at our local art supply store - I like to support local businesses - but, even if I had a coupon for a chain store it would cost at least $25-$30 ) I have been wanting a black one, but I'll sand & paint this one. It is for my great-aunt Charlotte's memorial flag
  • Egg Dish
  • Frame
I hope everyone had a relaxing and COOL weekend!! :)


  1. those are all great!

  2. WOW--you had a great treasure hunt on Saturday. I'm drooling over that phone and those gumball machines. I'd love to see the Flag Box once you have it finished! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you over my way soon!

  3. I bet your children will have alot of fun with those gumball machines! Love that red phone and the egg plate!

  4. Love the red phone the best!

  5. Love the phone, gumball machines, and the flag box. Great deals!

  6. Hi Pam !
    I grew up in the Bay Area...been in Colorado since high school....think I told you that before...can't keep track of all my bloggy friends..LOL ! You did great on your finds bet, the kiddos were very happy !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  7. you found great stuff!! i've been looking for a gumball machine forever. and i love the red phone!!

  8. Awesome finds! I am completely jealous of the gumball machines and the red phone!!! You scored big time.