Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scrapbook Armoire

Besides my family, grandmother's jewelry & photos, this is by far my prized possession. Gregory was born on the 30th of Dec. For 24+ hours of his life during 2005 he earned the family an added deduction. Wasn't expecting the deduction for that year, but who is complaining. Certainly not me! With that extra money we bought a scrapbook armoire, since the last of the 3 bedrooms was now to be G's room. I couldn't believe how much scrapbooking supplies and arts and crafts I had.

Last summer we had the living room painted and floors stained darker. We had not only move ourselves out of the house for a few days, but our furniture too. I had to pack the entire armoire. As much as I wanted to play with my supplies, call it sheer laziness, but I didn't want to create another mess of re-organizing and sorting to unpack. Finally, after many months it is all unpacked and even purged some things. Freecycled them, along with idea books. Do I really need books from 2000?

Here are some photos (excuse the poor lighting) of the armoire in all it's glory. I put a lot in here, things to hide from the kiddos, and other craft supplies. Plus, my Epson photo printer, Cricut, Sizzix, Quickutz, idea books. Everything, BUT our photos and albums. This is a photo w/o the doors being seen.

Here a picture of the left door. Some smaller-type embellishments are in the bigger slots sorted by "girl", "boy" "baby", "season"...you get the point.

The right door with a piece of sheet metal for hanging rulers, mementos, etc.

Here are the 3 drawers that pull out at the bottom. 12x12 hanging folders in one, embellishments in another and tools at the top.

Here is the table, yes table, that folds out!! :)

Here is a close-up of my 12x12 containers from The Container Store. I have one containing all Christmas stuff, another is Disney (including CDs from our trips, punches, stamps, paper, etc.), Jenni Bowlin kits. *Check out that canvas that Morgan painted last year!* :)

One thing I changed from the last time...have the items I use the most handy and convenient. I put my adhesives in this box that I've had forever (decorating it is on my LONG list) and other things in the basket. Helping the girls with projects made things run more smoothly. Grabbing paint, adhesive or scissors for them.

And these are just some close-ups.

The drawers in the middle of the armoire hold stamps and ink. I also have some faux leather containers on the top that hold Sizzix dies, punches, and things to alter. SInce I don't use them as frequently they are stored up there. Oh, who am I kidding...I had so much stuff that I HAD to store things up there.

How do you organize your photos?? This is one of my projects to do and I'm at a loss.


  1. So pretty and very well organized!!

  2. that is one amazing "scrapbooking central". how much fun that must be!

    don't ask me how to organize photos - i have 50 years worth i've never dealt with! one thing i have learned, though - the most important thing is to date the back. i hate having to say to my kids "i don't have a clue when that was taken". how sad is that? :(

    blessings -

  3. Oh my goodness! That is just amazing! I wouldn't have anywhere in my house for it, but I'm jealous all the same. ;)

  4. oh.my.gosh Girl, you've got the set up!!! That is fantastic! I'm sooo not organized! But sooo need to be!

  5. Where did you find such a great armoire? I'm searching and searching (that's how I found your blog).